Welcome to the Kissengen Spring Historical Website. This site came about through a combination of curiosity and necessity in collaboration with many people that have had their lives affected by Kissengen Spring. I’ve always heard stories about the spring that inspired my imagination but was unable to find much information online. I’ve gathered all the information that I collected thus far and continue to update this site with more all the time. Here you will find historical accounts, photos,¬†and my own thoughts and experiences with Kissengen Spring. You will also find current data and conditions about the ongoing status of the spring.

-Ronald Drake

Retired High School Biology Teacher, Former Security Guard, Video Game Enthusiast and Jack of All Trades

What is Kissengen Spring?

info here. The video below gives first hand accounts of what is was like to visit Kissengen Spring.

Remembering Kissengen Spring

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Video courtesy of Polk County Board of County Commissioners and the Polk County Historical Association

(SL Frisbie, Frank “Bubba” Smith, Monterey “Buddy” Campbell, Ben Jackson, Myra Hass, Phyllis Gilbert, Jack Booream, Robert Butler)

Reports from Charles Cook

Charles Cook is …. below are reports

Hope For Kissengen Spring Return

Kissengen Spring could flow again with some help. In the past, it was a place where many people came to picnic, swim, have parties, get married, dance at the pavilion, rowboat and enjoy the mineral waters to help with ailments. The spring was a place of natural enjoyment until it dried up in 1950. Hundreds of wells drilled into the Floridan Aquifer caused the demise of the spring. The spring was located near the northern end of Peace River as seen on the Florida map.

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